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A family house
A house of creation
A house of craftsmanship
Products of excellence
    Since 1682    

DALLOYAU is a House built on expertise. It makes all its products,
and its staff includes all the talents of taste and the art of receiving :
master cook chefs, master pastry chefs and chocolate chefs, master confectioners,
master ice-cream markers and master bakers, together with a reception service
for individuals and businesses.

This unique combination in France has guaranteed the House's excellence and audacity
since its foundation.

Discover DALLOYAU's expertise

A talents family

Pastry chefs, caterers, chocolate makers, ice cream makers; such as a great talents family, the House has ensured the transmission of know-how with audacity and excellence for over 300 years.

Generation after generation, our chefs are keen to share the French art de vivre and art of receiving in France and abroad.

A house of creation

In the 1980s, the House created a Research & Development committee, a unique place in which the chefs create, transform and imagine the recipes of today and tomorrow. Like a Haute Couture Fashion House, DALLOYAU teams generally develop their next collections a year in advance. 

DALLOYAU innovates, but within a boundary that must not be crossed : taste. Thus, DALLOYAU was the first to reduce sugar and alcohol contents in its cakes in the 1970s. In 1988, the House had even created the first cocktail pieces without bread, a revolution in the Reception field. DALLOYAU does not follow the fashion, it creates it.True visionaries, its chefs create pastries with innovative and suprising textures such as the Pâtisseries à Boire (2010), the Zeliss (2011), the SENSATIONelles (2012) and nomadic, playful pastries such as the Bouchées Triples and the Triples Moelleux (2013).

The House's goal is to awaken and delight the senses for a unique taste experience... Always with precision and authenticity.

A House of craftsmanship

With its rich heritage, DALLOYAU has been part of the Comité Colbert since 2001. The organization includes luxury houses, symbols of the French lifestyle and expertise. 

In 2007, the House obtained the title of « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant », a distinction awarded to companies with a rare, renowned or ancestral expertise. It offers a well-deserved recognition to all Chefs who work every day in DALLOYAU's workshops.

The House is also a member of the Relais Desserts association gathering the greatest international names of the pastry world. Their common goal is to promote high-quality patisseries through quality and creativity. Theses values have characterised the DALLOYAU House since its foundation. 

Created in 1981, Relais Desserts is an international professional association gathering the greatest names of the pastry world. 14 nationalities are part of the association; a hundred pastry chefs represent it worldwilde, all sharing the same goal: promoting high-quality patisserie. Relais Desserts embodies the highest handmade expression in the pastry field; its mission is to gather the professional elite at an international level.

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