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The Opéra Cake
The Religieuse de Rêve
The Macarons
The Chocolates
The Saint-Honoré Lollipops
    Mythics products invented or reinterpreted by the talents of the House. They represent the quintessence of the DALLOYAU knowledge.    

Every day, in Paris and around the world,
DALLOYAU shops and tearooms
allow each and everyone to enjoy a moment of pure gourmandise :
Discover the Inimythables®, find out about a new creation,
indulge yourself with the seasonal macaron...

Coming to DALLOYAU is living a unique experience.
Choosing a DALLOYAU reception is creating an exceptional event.

Discover the inimythables by DALLOYAU

The Opéra Cake

In 1955, Cyrique Gavillon invented the desert of the 20th century and allowed Dalloyau to make history. Genius Pastry Chef, he dares creating an avant-garde design by making a parallelepipoid that goes against the standards in the cakes realm then, fluffy and full of decorations.
The boldness is also in the taste, completely new: the flour is almost gone to make room for the coffee and the chocolate. One bite is enough to enjoy the intensity of a coffee cream associated with the strength of a chocolate ganache on a base of joconde biscuit impregnated with coffee syrup.
Astonished with the appearance of the cake, Andrée Gavillon spontaneously compares it to the stage of the Opera Garnier in Paris. Its name is found, the cake will be called “the Opera”.
The mythic cake evolves over the ages: lightened in sugar, it gains in intensity with a stronger Italian style roasted coffee and a 70% cocoa chocolate blend from Venezuela.

It became a classic of French pastry and explores different flavors over the decades.

The Religieuse de Rêve®

What could be better of a source of inspiration than childhood?

Christelle Bernardé remembered how the Religieuses that her grandfather, Cyriaque, made marveled her and how they seemed gigantic! Revisited in a disproportionate version, the “Religieuse de Rêve” now can be shared. Its invention is a true technical prowess that demanded nine month of research to give birth to an exclusive baking tin in which the choux bun dough inflates with regularity.

Put on a base of sweet paste garnished with almond cream, this big aerial choux bun reveals a meltingly soft chocolate cream and allows itself

The Macarons

The DALLOYAU macarons are an irreplaceable institution.Ultra fresh, they are made according to a recipe kept secret for three centuries: a Valencia almonds dough, imperceptibly sweetened to exalt flavors, garnishing specifically adapted to each flavor for a perfect balance.

Thus, the chocolate macaron provides the intensity of a ganache made of a 70% pure cocoa chocolate from Venezuela. The raspberry macaron calls an exquisite home-made jam with fruit pulp. The Bergamot tea macaron allies the delicateness of an Earl Grey tea exalted by hints of citrus fruits. Over the seasons, the House’s chefs explore temporary flavors. The nougat joins the cherry, the strawberry with the apricot or crispy rice, orange comes to sparkle on mango or a speculoos.

With the Eat Bags, the House provides the Parisian women a gourmand accessory of four macarons cocooned in a take-away box, with elegant colours.

The Chocolates

Universal symbol of childhood, sharing and gourmandise, chocolate metamorphoses in 1992 under the touch of Dalloyau chocolate master Chefs in a delicious jewel: the “Chocolate Lace”. The sweets nest over the centuries in ravishing boxes but why not unite all the pleasures by inventing a gourmand case?

In the workshops of the House, the chocolate master chefs turn into craftsmen and chisel a fine lace in a 70% dark chocolate blend from Venezuela made of the pure cocoa beans of Criollo. Sprinkled with gold, this “Chocolate Lace” box reinvents itself and develops: Easter eggs, lace jewels, Christmas decorations and Christmas cakes, flower laces…

The Saint-Honoré Lollipops

For a House established since 1802 at rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, it was obvious to make the eponymous pastry one of its mythical desserts.

As a classic dessert of the French pastry, the famous Saint-Honoré has been declined by the House in the shape of lollipops pastry: a playful gesture which has become a signature of DALLOYAU in its receptions. In a caramelized chou, a delicious light Chantilly cream and a chiboust of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla are hand-poached... An exceptional product, very gourmand and regressive.

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